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Flounder and Redfish Designs now available.

I'm excited to share 2 new embroidery designs today, July 29th 2020. Both are original art and digitizing by Shawn Capallia, and both center around my love for fishing.  Please check out my Flounder and Redfish designs today.

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I've recently updated LittleBlessingTrading.com with new and FREE embroidery designs.  Visit us today to get the latest.

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Would you like to receive an email each time that I update my blog?

I'm considering sending an automatic email to my subscribers each time that I update this blog.  It would make things easier.  Putting things into practice is another story.  I'm not sure that it will work.  So, for the most part, this post is a test.  Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!

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Coffee and Embroidery

Coffee and Embroidery??? Little Blessing Trading Company was started as a side business in March of 2016 to earn a bit of extra pocket change. While originally intended to be an import business selling physical products, it has since morphed into the embroidery design company that you find here. It's actually what I do best. I've been in the embroidery industry since 1991. I started an embroidery shop in 2002 which I still run full time today. The name Little Blessing Trading Company honors my daughter whose middle name is Blessing. And yes, we still do sell coffee grinders.

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Launching Little Home™ Brand.

We are excited to tell you about our new brand name and product that we will be launching in May!  Little Home™ will be our home products line and our first product under this label will be a manual coffee grinder.  You can see photos of it here.  Not only can you purchase this item on our website, you can also find it on Amazon.com.

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